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Explainify: Animated Explainer Video Company for Businesses

Explainify: Animated Explainer Video Company for Businesses

Some Known Questions About 20 Animated Explainer Videos That Are Awesome - Advids.

You'll see that Poo, Pourri's explainer video is mainly live action, however changes to some animation to reveal the intricacies of how Poo, Pourri works (nobody wishes to see a live action load dropped into a toilet). Likewise, have a look at that big green button at the end of the video it's asking to be clicked, ending with a strong call to action.

Poo, Pourri is an outrageous product, so their humor can be outrageous also. Mint is a best example of why some companies are better off with animation rather than live action. Mint makes the most of animation to illustrate how it draws monetary details from different parts of a user's life and curates it all into one setup.

Finding The Right Style For Your Explainer VideoThe Purpose of an Explainer Video - HenkinSchultz

Airbnb uses a cool combination of live action and animation to show the unique (and fairly priced) experiences obtained by uti

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