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What Makes A Good Movie

What Makes A Good Movie

Art is reflection of our society and life and films are often thought to be fashionable expressions of art. They make us chortle and cry and we frequently like to quote them, they edify us enlighten us.

Every year quite a few motion pictures are made in the entertainment industries but all are usually not liked: some top the charts while others are kicked out of the box office. Some become the recent topic of dialogue for the critics while others just escapes their discover, in brief some get a thumps up while others a thumps down.

But how many of these, which get a positive feedback, are actually good movies? Well it isn't that easy to reply, as it seems. The topic may be very much subjective. What seems good to some is probably not the identical for the others. What appears enjoyable to a few others is likely to be enjoyable for others. Then what precisely is a good movie? To generalize it, we will say that those movies, which are liked by the mass and never by some class category of people, could possibly be considered as a great movie. However what are the traits which can be wanted for a film to qualify as an excellent one. First of all a movie ought to provide good entertainment. They're in fact others:

Touch our feelings: A movie should touch our heart and make us talk or think about it instead of just becoming a time pass. It ought to have the capacity to show and inspire us and provoke us emotionally.

Educative: It should be able to allow us to know about something new. Nowadays movies are considered to be one of the crucial effective instructional instruments used to teach or educate people concerning certain issues. Briefly a very good film should have some educative worth for the masses.

Mirror of the society: A very good film must also provide some components of encouragement and inspire people towards efficiently overcoming barriers. Motion pictures are thought to be the mirror of life. Each story of a film is more or less inspired by our life, by what occurs around us.

However this isn't all; there are some other factors also which contribute in making a film, to be considered as good. Following are the points:

The Plot: This is the most important part of the movie. Without a great plot a movie fails to attract and retain the viewers within the theaters. Even if they have been drawn to it initially for some reasons, individuals would loose interest prior to later.

The Characters: The second most significant factor of any good film is the characters of the story. Without them there can be no story and no plot. Characters ought to be such, that the viewers likes them. Be it a positive character or negative one. They should have some qualities to which the people can relate.

Actors: We'd like good actors to make a very good movie. Actors, who can justify the characters and make them, come alive in front of the audience. They should be able to portray the characters well so that folks say that the characters are made keeping them in mind. They should blend themselves into the characters.

Script: Without dialogues films look dead. Script is the life of movies so they should be very strong and appealing. They will even make folks come and see the film repeatedly.

Final however not the least, visual display of a movie with beautiful scenes and sceneries may also influence and draw folks to the theaters.

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