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Always Keep Your Faith In Jesus

Always Keep Your Faith In Jesus

Open your Bible to Psalm 34:19... It says, Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all. Go ahead and highlight that Scripture.

The Scripture helps you to get your eyes off the conditions, the problems, the circumstances, the burdens, and the symptoms. Regardless of how bad they might be, and get your faith mounted on Jesus. Hard situations are always opportunities to realize more glory for the Lord as He manifests His power.

Jesus always proves Himself to be such a Mighty Helper and a Mighty Savior! Are you oppressed about something? Are you anxious about something? Are you sad about something? Jesus is Larger than all your afflictions, Larger than the negative thing that holds you. To call on the Name of Jesus is to see a new way, to see all things differently. What I'm teaching you immediately is, always keep your faith in Jesus!

Sure! Jesus! One contact of His would possibly will meet the necessity of everything that's not right in your life. It doesn't matter what kind of situation you could be in, Jesus can get you out! Maybe you're under great pressure in the space of cash? Jesus is the God of the supernatural flip-around power.

In the present day, Jesus needs you to know that He'll come to you in the midst of life's struggles. Yes, you will be taught that nothing is hopeless for individuals who know Him. You see, the Holy Spirit smiles whenever you take your eyes off your own abilities and put your trust in Jesus for what He can do. Sure, always keep your faith in Jesus!

Jesus knows how little you can do on your own and how much He can accomplish by means of you. Hallelujah! Always keep your faith in Jesus! Whatever the problem is, your only assure of success is Jesus Himself and His Word. It is all a few personal relationship with God by means of His Son Jesus Christ. The Anointed One.

Perhaps your situation does not look like a success right now. Too many people are inclined to go in all places but the throne of Jesus for advice, counsel, and instructions. What do you do when Jesus shows you a truth? Do you run away from His reality, or do you run to it?

I need you to know proper now... Jesus shouldn't be limited by what part of the world you live in. You just should elevate your thinking and realize that Jesus is your Provider and the Source of your supply. Jesus will show up that can assist you in the event you keep your faith in Him.

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