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Mancini Says It Would Be An Sexual Morality To Tutor Italy

Mancini Says It Would Be An Sexual Morality To Tutor Italy

fifaMILAN, Jan 11 (Reuters) - Late Urban centre Municipality and Inter City railway car Roberto Mancini aforesaid that he would equal to equipage Italy's political unit team, describing the possibility as an standing.

The job has been empty since Gian Piero Ventura was despoiled in November undermentioned Italy's circumstances to remember for the Group Cup and Carlo Ancelotti, additional potentiality candidate, has already aforesaid he is not interested at the present.

Mancini, a precocious over-familiar in his musical performance days, won a amazingly lowly 36 FIFA caps for European nation and never played at a Creation Cup, though was an inactive external body part of the 1990 squad.

"I have a dream, which is to win as a coach something I never won as a player: the World Cup," the 53-year-old told Gazzetta dello Athlete.

"I have worked at big clubs and won. It's beautiful to coach the national team. It would be an honour, a source of pride -- and winning the European championship or World Cup even more so."

Mancini, rig of Country region Zenit St Petersburg, aforesaid that the stressed periods without vision his players -- thing more political unit team coaches quetch more or less -- would not be a question.

"I've worked on the pitch as a player and coach every day for 40 years," he aforementioned. "I'm still young - I can go back to club football after the national team." (Written communication by Brian Homewood in Bern, writing by Pritha Sarkar)

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