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Bio Mechanical Stimulation Massage Therapy

Bio Mechanical Stimulation Massage Therapy

The term"BIO Mechanical Stimulation" literally means"movement of movement." When you hear someone say,"BIO-MEchanical Stimulation" what is meant is a massage that utilizes the motions of the feet and hands. What people are really talking about is a massage with a touchstone or with a pendulum. This is referred to as a"pellicular application." To put it differently, this is a massage that requires the use of mechanistic devices and motion to achieve a cure.

As stated before, there are many unique kinds of mechanistic devices used in bio-mechanical applications. These include but aren't limited to: electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, radio frequency, infrared, and friction. All these types of application can be traced back to their origin in China, India, and ancient Europe.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation has been used for thousands of years and is prevalent in traditional Chinese Medicine. This originates from the belief that the human body comprises electrical muscles that contract and relax when pressure is applied to them. Through evaluation and experiments, scientists have found that when a firm patch is pressed on a part of the individual's body for a certain period of time, it is going to contract. They call this action"muscle strain" and it's brought on by the presence of nerve endings. It is an example of mechanical source since the application of pressure causes a contracting or vibrating action on the tissue.

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