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Somdip Dey, The Embedded AI Pc Scientist who created QR Authentication System

Somdip Dey, The Embedded AI Pc Scientist who created QR Authentication System

Creator of QR Authentication System


Somdip Dey co-established Codeepy U.K. Pvt. Ltd. in 2014 and made the world's very first "crowd-fooding" system to properly share leftover foods with people in want. The application gained an intercontinental award at Koding's Global Hackathon in 2014. Somdip launched ReMe Basket Ltd., a organization focused on reducing foods waste from each individual's pocket, in 2018.


Somdip acquired his B.Sc. in Computer Science (Honors) with slight in Mathematics and Physics from St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Kolkata, India on 2012. Throughout his undergraduate degree, his investigation concentrated on Computer and Data Protection together with Pc Architecture. During this time he created the world's initial QR Authentication Program, which uses QR code to authenticate and authorise paperwork. In 2014 he obtained his M.Sc. diploma in Laptop Science with specialization in Pc Techniques Engineering from the College of Manchester, U.K. For the duration of his submit-graduate research, Somdip also developed the world's 1st group-meals sharing paltform, SHARE.It, which has personal an intercontinental award by 3Scale API at the Koding's World-wide Hackathon Problem. Somdip has more than eight a long time expertise in the business as a skilled Software Developer with four+ a long time knowledge in top development groups.


Just lately, Somdip is also component of the complex plan committee of 2018 Future Systems Meeting (FTC), 2019 Computing Convention and 2019 Intelligent Methods Conference (IntelliSys). Somdip is also Overview Editor of the Frontiers in Blockchain: Fourth Industrial Revolution journal and is also a reviewer of top conferences and journals this kind of as CVPR, DAC, and many others.


His research interests are in: Energy effectiveness, trustworthiness, computer eyesight, device understanding, MPSoC, ​mobile computing, data, ​and pc stability.

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