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New Study Examines Antioxidant Impact on Prostate Cancer

New Study Examines Antioxidant Impact on Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer as one of typically the most common types associated with cancer in males according to typically the American Cancer Community. Fortunately if trapped early, the diagnosis is good. Even better than treating it, is of course, avoiding it entirely. The search regarding the main cause of prostate tumor is ongoing plus a recent examine was recently accomplished.

An eight 12 months study of 30, 361 men offers just been accomplished. The study examined the effect of antioxidant supplements on the particular rate of prostatic cancer. "There has been definite interest in their use, based on a few previously studies that possess been done" mentioned lead researcher Rich B. Hayes, older investigator in the trademark cancer epidemiology and genetics at the U. H. National Cancer Company.

Reporting in the Feb. 15 issue regarding the Journal in the National Cancer Institute, Hayes' team calculated the risk regarding prostate cancer regarding 29, 361 males aged 55 to 74, all who were participants inside the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian (PLCO) Screening Demo.

Some of the particular data that has been examined included the number of frequent antioxidant supplements which includes vitamin C, beta carotene, and supplement E. Some regarding the men got been taking these products for many years prior to the study.

Over the total eight 12 months

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