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679 Ratings & Reviews by PostcardMania Customers for Dummies

679 Ratings & Reviews by PostcardMania Customers for Dummies

Things about Notice of Privacy Practices - Macy's Customer Service

The cost was $750. 00 for 5000 leads; my criteria for my list just tallied 2500 leads, so Larry charged me $500. 00. Keep Checking Back Here believed the price was unreasonable however I wanted to spend for the service for quality leads. The leads were dreadful. Many of the callers were not interested due to the fact that they were already overloaded with calls from representatives were their information had currently been offered numerous times, voice mail complete, declining calls, incorrect numbers, or on the "Do Not Call List".

Grievance: 15543882I am rejecting this reaction since, when I called Precise Information for resolution, I was offered the "exact same un-excusable response "We provided you a List". Yes. I was offered a list of leads. A list of leads that were completely worthless to me as a Licensed Sales Agent. I paid $500 for a 2500 list of names that were unavailable to me.

Caller on the Do Not Call List". Caller swamped with calls, from lead being offered over and over again. Wrong NUMBERS. The company made definitely no relocation to a

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