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Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries Reboot Sucked Me In From The First Minute

Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries Reboot Sucked Me In From The First Minute

care. ‘When a restored piece is handed to its owner, I struggle to hold back my emotions. It's such a privilege to witness the joy of the owner and the bond formed in that moment between them and their expert, who has poured so much love into t

r family.' Observers often note that she is the perfect combination of both parents. Despite being neither heir nor spare - by merit of being a woman - she was determined never to act like a spare part, nor resent her status. She eschewed any hint of Princess Margaret's drunken frustrations, as she did the sensitivities of her angst-ridden elder brother. Neither did she succumb to the haughtiness of Prince Andrew nor the amiable anonymity of Prince Edward. Anne has said of herself: ‘I never was and never will be a fairyt

In spite of all this, she keeps calm and carries on - a quality admired by the Queen who could not have given her granddaughter a greater seal of approval than loaning her a dress and a treasured tiara.

Left: Never one to shy away from a statement hat, Anne brings a thoroughly modern flourish to a neatly nipped-in classic cream jacket and silk scarf ensemble for a visit to the Channel Islands in 1972. Right: During her trip to Africa in 1971, Anne opts for a traditional African-print dress with chic millinery to complement. Her use of scarves to tie an outfit together is another string to her t


The pandemic has disrupted our existence in countless ways, but life goes on despite the hardships. Videoconferencing tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Skype, Apple Facetime and Microsoft Teams have surged in use as people have signed on for business, school and personal connections.

Boot up Animal Crossings: New Horizons on June 1 and you'll be greeted to a PSA from Isabella informing you that love is in the air. Finally. She's hinting at the entire month of June being beautiful wedding season within the game, which means new stuff for you to do and, more importantly, new items for you to earn. 

You'll also earn Heart Crystals from Reese, the more she likes the set the more she'll give you, which you can exchange with Cyrus for more Wedding goods. Each day, over a period of seven days, you'll unlock new items. Here's a complete list of them all:

Social media detectives One of the best things about the return of Unsolved Mysteries in this era of social media is the fact that the investigation doesn't end when the episodes do. Netflix has put materials relating to each case on a public drive. The drive includes photos of the evidence, unseen video snippets, interviews and more. Now you can look at that bizarre note Rey Rivera left taped to his computer, or check out a closeup of Patrice Endres' missing wedding ring. I'm hoping Netflix adds more to this, because even though there are numerous clips for each case, nothing I saw there was earth-shattering -- guess if it was, they'd have included it in the episode.

Once you nip over to his island, you'll see that the sweet folks in question are Reese and Cyrus, two alpacas you may or may not have met in the 3DS game Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It's their anniversary, Harv tells you, and they're after some celebratory photos. He's got a studio but no props, and wants you to help them out by providing said props and styling their sets. 

Unsolved Mysteries is another perfect show for those of us spending most of our time at home due to the coronavirus outbreak. Businesses in my region may still be closed, jobs and stocks may be uncertain, but leave it to Netflix to remind us that somebody out there always has it worse -- with the added benefit that ordinary viewers might be able to turn detective and help a grieving family get justice. 

again For its six and a half million viewers, The Repair Shop has proved to be the perfect escape from the anxiety and monotony of lockdown, with its gripping combination of master craftsmanship and deeply persona

"We are today signing an executive order allowing people to get their marriage licenses remotely and also allowing clerks to perform ceremonies over video," said Melissa DeRosa, an aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, during a press conference Saturday.

exception. For, as the Queen knows and Anne has clearly learnt, there's power to consistency: the public can instantly recognise Anne's hair. She's the traditional royal package: someone who is turning up not so that she looks good but to shine a light on other people's work. Her hair just happens to always be there, quietly doing its own job of being a reliable, smart, practical yet royal accessory. What else would be expected from this fuss-free, no-nons

er, 1954 Anne enjoyed school, not least the sporting activities - a teacher noting that, in the classroom, ‘economy of effort was her style'. She left Benenden with six O-levels and three A-levels in history, English and politics and proceeded straight into the family firm. With the Queen and Prince Philip so often busy, Prince Charles aloof and reserved, the Princess became second choice to the Queen in the matter of

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