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A time machine

A time machine

"If you did not know him, do not regret it, because you would lose a friend ... like me ..." Or maybe it is worth taking a chance and get to know him, although it may seem that it is too late for that? Maybe you have to feel the pain of losing to understand who he was for us - the young people who listened to him and believed him. Maybe techadvices to get to know Richard Riedel a bit and thank him in spirit for singing and for what he sang. Jan Kidawa-Błoński has just decided to do it and, what's more, help others by giving them such an opportunity. He made a movie whose title is also the title of a well-known song by Dżem - "Skazany na Bluesa". Hijacking for this project was definitely not a simple decision, because Błoński had to draw a big loan of trust from all fans of Dżem and expose himself to a possible lynch in case of failure. He showed Rysiek as he was - along with all his weaknesses and problems. But he also faced his legend and respected her immensely, giving him homage in this way.


While writing these words, I am no longer a reviewer, because the subject is too close for me to treat him with a cold eye and simply point out all the mistakes. Tomasz Kot, an actor who played the main role, faced an equally difficult task as before the director. Preparing himself for this role, he spent over two months talking with drug addicts. He walked dressed like Rysiek, he looked like Rysiek, he tried to be Rysiek. The effect of this is seen in the film - movements on the stage refined to perfection, matched to the appearance of the original and reminiscent of concerts of "old" Dżem. The only detail that was striking and negative, was the lack of a good rip during singing, when instead of Tomasz Kot's voice, we heard the original Riedel recordings.


The role of Jolanta Fraszyńska, who plays the role of Gosia, wife of Rysiek, also deserves recognition. The great idea was to involve film members in the production of the film, who decided to live their story again. There was even Maciej Balcar, the current vocalist of the band, who became Indianerem - the closest friend of Rysiek from his youth. Of course, it was not possible to cover the entire history of the legendary musician in the film lasting only one hour and forty minutes. Błoński gave up the plethora of information and decided to concentrate on several periods - youth (shown in flashbacks), the beginning of his career and the end of it. Also included were the few narcotic visions that Riedel experienced after taking drugs. The advantage of the film is the use of the original soundtrack and recordings made at concerts. The songs were played at well-chosen times and emphasized and musically illustrated the content of the film. I was saddened by the lack of one of the best-known and, in my opinion, best works - namely the "Time Machine", which would definitely fit the climate of the picture. Fortunately, this deficiency was made up by the presence of "Sleep About Victoria", "Whiskey" and other famous songs. Jan Kidawa-Błoński made a film candle, which he lit for the one whom fate took. The film itself is not an ideal. But the story he tells is what you need to know, and the lyrics that you can listen to are what you should consider ... Finally, they were sung by a man who wanted to be free, like a bird.


Maybe he succeeded? In your own way ....

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