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How To Get The Most From Some Hot Stone Massage

How To Get The Most From Some Hot Stone Massage

The warm stone massage is an early type of alternative health practice and bodywork integrating the use of several heated or even cold stones into the human body for the purposes of recovery, relaxation and pain relief. This kind of treatment dates back for centuries. In early Rome, Greek and Roman civilizations, girls would rub heated rocks in their breasts and abdomens to encourage milk production. Today this massage therapy is still used by several women to encourage better health and well-being.

The fundamental technique is straightforward enough. The practitioner enters a semi-erect place and puts a hand on the stomach to help use pressure. Using the flip side, he applies warm or cold stones in short rapid, but strokes to various points across the stomach, back, shoulders and neck. These strokes need to be earned in short, quick spurts, long, drawn-out strokes. 청주출장 Since hot stones are heated up before the application, the procedure can take from fifteen to twenty minutes. A similar treatment utilizing cold stones can take anywhere from ten to twenty minutes.

As with any sort of massage therapy, there are a number of precautions which massage therapists should keep in mind. To avoid burns and scalding, the therapist must use only cotton gloves, a large-brimmed hat and long sleeves. For the security of the patients, the therapist should maintain close physical contact with the individual in any resp

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