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An Intro to Lomilomi and Native Care of Oceania

An Intro to Lomilomi and Native Care of Oceania

At The Lomilomi and Indigenous Massage of Oceania, edited by Diana Kerr, the contributors to the book bring together countless knowledge and creativity to provide an original perspective about the healing power of lomilomi. The book includes essays which explore the history of lomi-lomi, the doctrine behind it, the practice of lomi-lomi, the healing powers of the shell and also the custom of the therapeutic massage. Illustrations and photos support the text and also add to its visual appeal. The editors provide many different readings, each focusing on a remedy or a spiritual goal.

The book includes Hawaiian curing ceremonies that focus on the importance of the art of lomi-lomi. It explains the symbolic meaning behind every ritual, including the relationship between sunlight and the body. The examples include a shaman at a cure trance, and the sacred lotus blossom. The editors also explain the many sorts of lomi-lomi and provide examples of each one, including the particular healing effects and reasons for using each .

The use of lomi-lomi in Hawaiian cultural and spiritual rituals is documented throughout the publication. Examples are a leisiperrimo (traditional manner ) ceremony, where guests receive a loofah soaked in green soap and then wrapped in a sarong; and hale po'e (hygiene and cleanliness in ancient times),

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