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Rumored Buzz on Balisong Flippers: Who are they? - Knives Illustrated

Rumored Buzz on Balisong Flippers: Who are they? - Knives Illustrated

Balisong - Butterfly Knife - Kult of Athena for Dummies

In Finland, balisongs are legal to be acquired, sold and had, and are dealt with similar to regular knives and befall under the edged weapons law. Bring one in public is allowed if the person bring one can prove it is used as a tool. In France, balisongs are legal to own if one is over 18 years of age however are illegal to carry without main permission.

Therefore buying, having, loaning, utilizing, bring, crafting, modifying and trading it is illegal and is punishable by approximately five years jail time, confiscation of the knife and a great of up to 10,000. Using a butterfly knife for criminal activity of any kind as is any prohibited weapon is punishable by from 1 to ten years imprisonment.

Balisong/Butterfly Knife Anatomy - Squid IndustriesAmazon.com : Butterfly Knife Trainer - Balisong Trainer - Practice Butterfly Knife - Balisong Butterfly Knives NOT Real NOT Sharp Blade - Black Dull Trick Butterfly Knifes - Butter Fly Knife Training

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