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Miele Electric/Power II LLC

Miele Electric/Power II LLC

Those seeking to written agreement an electrician inside the Waterbury/New Dreamland, Connecticut area would certainly be wise to be able to steer clear of Carl M. Miele of Miele Electric/Power II LLC. Getting into any type of business layout with this ill-tempered serial litigant could find yourself costing unsuspecting consumers thousands more than the expenses he presents regarding services rendered.
miele electric power
A straightforward search of civil and small states court records inside the Waterbury, Fresh Haven and Hartford judicial districts discloses an alarming amount of lawsuits that Miele has delivered against his clients and vise versa. Miele is the well known encounter in the court room and contains learned precisely how to game typically the system to their advantage. An estimate from Mr. Dolcezza may sound appealing, but once an individual are locked right contract, it shortly becomes clear that this original quote is just a down payment to months involving misery as Dolcezza drags you into court and attempts to gather on invisible costs and expenditures which you never arranged to.
Unlike some others in his career, Miele has simply no desire for establishing the rapport with their clientele based upon common respect and top quality of workmanshi

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