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Bond with the beast

Bond with the beast



"Girl in a Red Cape" is an interesting interpretation of a classic fairy tale in which the soundtrack, set design, costumes and photos create a magical atmosphere with a hint of darkness. Amanda Seyfried Appian WayRandom FilmsWarner Bros. The world heard about Catherine Hardwicke in 2003, when the movie "Thirteen" appeared on the screens of cinemas, which met with positive reviews, thus opening the door of the director to the world of show business. Soon afterwards, she delighted viewers by creating "Kings of Dogtown" and later "Christmas". In 2008, she made one of the most famous paintings of the 21st century - of course, the film adaptation of Stephanie Meyer's book - "Twilight". "The loudest" is a good word here, because so far there are discussions between the fans and anti-fans of the film - some were charmed by the director's vision, others led to nausea. Later it quieted down. She refused to shoot "Twilight" and sank into the shadows. It wasn't until 2011 that it made itself felt again, creating the movie "Girl in a Red Cape", modeling on the classic fairy tale entitled "Red Riding Hood".


The director's concept was quite risky, because the story we knew from childhood was joined by forbidden love, intrigues, murders and werewolves. The film tells the story of Valerie who lives in Daggerhorn - a small village that has been terrorized by wolves for years. In love with the woodcutter, she wants to spend the rest of her life with him, but her family opposes it. When they decide to marry her as a blacksmith's son, the girl devises a plan to escape.


Meanwhile, a beast attack occurs in the village, with which Valerie begins a bond. Shiloh Fernandez Appian WayRandom FilmsWarner Bros.


Max Irons Appian WayRandom FilmsWarner Bros. Amanda Seyfried Appian WayRandom FilmsWarner Bros. David Leslie Johnson, based on the book by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, did a really good job. The dialogues spoken by the characters are not schematic, and the characters themselves have been solidly outlined. Although we do not learn much about them, everyone has such a story that it would be difficult to call anyone a colorless hero. The screenwriter impresses with a vision, and with his attention to details creates a captivating and suspenseful story that catches the viewer like a dream - one that restrains, does not want to let go of his embrace, pulls back under the quilt, until it finally sinks, no matter how he resists for a long time. A very interesting element of the production is the identity of the werewolf. During the screening, we get new leads every now and then, the list of suspects increases with each subsequent minute to surprise the viewer at the very end. The film unmistakably showed mutual distrust of the village inhabitants towards each other. Filled with fear, they began to hunt witches.


Anyone could turn out to be a wolf: a neighbor, friend or even wife - says Father Salomon (played by phenomenal Gary Oldman). Johnson risky entangles the plot with such a well-worn thread of a love triangle, but despite this, he does it with dexterity, unobtrusive and interesting. It is worth mentioning that both Peter and Henry (son of a blacksmith) are so interesting heroes that both of them are cheering for Valerie's favor.


The two young men present complete opposites: impulsiveness versus reason. Only which of them will the title girl in the red cape choose? Max Irons Appian WayRandom FilmsWarner Bros. The scriptwriter did a really good job, creating a characteristic story that combines fairy tale, thriller and romance, but the production asked for some spiciness. There are several scenes that arouse erotic tension, like a scene in the granary, when Valerie passionately kisses her beloved.


Flames can be seen in the background, and the dim lighting intensifies the overtones of the stage. Johnson apparently lacked the courage to turn up the atmosphere and bring in a bit of perversion and sexuality. Starring Amanda Seyfried was a hit. A young, beautiful, with green eyes blonde stood up to the task, creating a characteristic heroine, which would be difficult not to like.


The actor easily conveyed every emotion, presenting a rich and natural facial expression. The Seyfried step matched Fernandez, creating a solid portrait of Peter. The raw appearance of the actor suited the character of the character, and thanks to his voice modulation created a hero of flesh and blood. Both he and she have not proved that they are good actors, but they are a grateful duo with natural chemistry. It is worth mentioning that during the production, quarrels arose between the stars, which aroused mutual resentment (information about the quarrels on the set was provided by Fernandez in one of the interviews), but despite this, they presented the power of love perfectly during the screening. Max Irons, who played the role of Henry, also found his role, similarly to Gary Oldman. Both actors with sensitivity and precision t


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