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Aerospace Motors - Motortesting.com - An Overview

Aerospace Motors - Motortesting.com - An Overview

The Basic Principles Of Quest Aerospace

PHT?s engineering and production abilities enable us to build and integrate your custom created motor or actuator, whether you are searching for a brand-new design, or a replacement of an outdated motor. PHT has extensive experience in the advancement of airplane motor and actuator systems including the qualification of these parts on military aircraft.

? PHT will subject these form-fit-function replacement systems to all required testing conditions including altitude, temperature, vibration sensitivity and humidity conditions to guarantee that the replacement unit under test will run certified to all suitable mil-spec? s and other requirements. PHT has deep experience in both linear induction motor actuators, and linear synchronous motor actuators.

Aerospace MotorsFirstmark Aerospace Corporation - Electric Motors

When price and delivery of these motors from the OEM ended up being an issue, PHT redeveloped the original motor wit

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