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The Wait Is Over: Free Comic Day Will Be Saturday, May 4!

The Wait Is Over: Free Comic Day Will Be Saturday, May 4!

Free Comic strip Day falls on your very first Saturday in may every several weeks. May 7 is the date this time around. This is a great event to take the kid(s) of whomever you're dating. There are specific comic book shops in Colorado Springs that on the list of participating stores you require to visit.


All About Books and Comics tucked within Phoenix, at 5060 N Central in order to be having their 32nd Annual July 4th Sale, with 25% off their entire inventory sale, excluding this weeks new releases. If you find yourself looking for something in particular just ask one on the staff members, and may quickly check their back room, and allow you to know whenever they have exactly what you need. Plus, buy 50 comics form their awesome discount comic room for $17.76, which arrives to below 36-cents a magazine. They will most probably 11 A complete.M. - 5 P.M. The look at the official details about their website here.


The eco-friendly Lantern story showcases account of Arisia, yet another of Hal Jordan's ex-girlfriends. This tale's not too bad, and doesn't possess any surprise actor guest appearances to derail the carrying on. It basically tells the tale of how her father and her uncle were Green Lanterns before her, and after a lifetime of training, stated nothing girl becomes one too - though her predecessors had to die right away.


May 1 - Global Love Day - The Love Foundation is celebrating this day with many events and free downloadable music. Former Mayor Laura Miller signed the Dallas proclamation in 2006 with the theme "Love Begins with Me".


You can see the complete collection of comics available more than a official Free free comics website here. In all, utilizing 52 choices for a variety of ages and flavours. Not sure which select? Use this handy cheat sheet created by Glen Weldon of National Public Radio's Monkey Watch.


Symone Thomas, 13, a Detroit resident, convinced her mom Sheila to take her to Free Comic book Day. She's read Bart Simpson comics and others, mainly because she loves to read. Last year, her grandfather brought home some comics for free Comic Book Day and she or he was instantly intrigued.


https://getcomics.info is a good quality opportunity to gain some freebies and renew your passion for comic literature. While you're visiting these fantastic local comic shops, be sure to check out their selections of horror graphic books.

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