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How To Podcast Using WordPress

How To Podcast Using WordPress

Podcasting is the next step up from blogging. While blogging is carried out by pajama-clad masses of ordinary people, podcasting can be done by many of these same people, though less often in pajamas, in front of a digital and audio recorder. The podcasts are recorded in short chunks, then released via RSS 2.0 and Atom to their websites, typically a blog site. Viewers and listeners can download podcasts through podcast clients. A good podcast client (for instance, Juice, CastPodder, or iTunes) will permit users to sign up to the RSS/Atom feeds of your preferred podcasters and immediately download the content to the computer or to a portable audio player when new content becomes available.
podcast bookmarking app create their content in MP3 or MP4 audio or video files and upload them, connecting to the file within a blog post. Users click on the button to download the content even if they're not subscribed automatically to the RSS or Atom feed. The issue has not been in uploading the content to the web page however, it's in getting the content to function through feed systems. WordPress usually will include any new information about podcasting in your RSS/Atom feed system. This makes it easy for you to distribute content and for your users to sign up to the content.

Most people, WordPress 1.5 and above can pod

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