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All about Sanctuary Tiny Homes

All about Sanctuary Tiny Homes

4 Easy Facts About Designer Cottages & Tiny House Designs - Designer Cottages Shown

The Tacks make the most of walls by using hanging racks, hooks, and a foldout desk and table. An integrated bench pulls double responsibility as a trunk and a seat (or day bed).

Every inch of wall area is made use of to keep this small kitchen area in order. Mugs and pans hang high above the stove, shallow racks develop a neat kitchen, and hanging baskets act as additional racks. Intrigued in following the Tacks' lead? You can purchase the Tack Home Strategy to simulate their house.

Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter — Shelter PublicationsTexas Tiny Homes: Ideas and Styles to Explore - Tiny Heirloom

San Francisco, CA Setting a new requirement for overnight lodgings, this small guest house was originally the laundry/boiler room of a bigger main home.

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