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Not known Details About 3' & 6' Magnetic Type C Charging Cable (2 Pack) - Walmart.com

Not known Details About 3' & 6' Magnetic Type C Charging Cable (2 Pack) - Walmart.com

LED QC 3.0 3 in 1 Magnetic Cable 3A Type C Micro USB Magnetic USB Charging  Cable Round Cord Charger For Iphone X - buy at the price of $3.60 in  alibaba.com - imall.com3' Magnetic Glow Charging Cable - Demon Devices

Not known Details About 3-in-1 Universal Charging Cable - Moshi

There's no need to handle rubbery insulation getting stuck. Charging performance is likewise relatively great. The cable delivers 9 volts of power at a rate of 2 amps. For electrical neophytes, that transforms to 18 watts of power delivery. This is enough for standard charging on any modern smartphone.

However it suffices to meet maker specifications for basic charging requirements. You can charge your i, Phone X in about two hours, or your Samsung Galaxy S10 in about the same time. You can also sync your information without any issues. One end of each cable is a standard USB Type-A.

On the other end, there's a proprietary socket that's designed to fit the cable's suggestions. It features pointers for USB Type-C, Micro USB, and Mini USB. The first two work for most contemporary mobile phones. The las

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