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In the embrace of art

In the embrace of art



Paterson (Adam Driver) leads a simple and orderly life in Paterson, New Jersey. Every day he wakes up early in the morning with his wife Laura (Golshifteh Farahani), kisses her on a good day, then eats breakfast and beating the same path next to the factory, getting to his bus line 23, where a moment before departure indulges in the art of writing poetry. A moment of detachment from the world forever interrupted użalający their own lives helps. During operation Paterson eagerly listening to the conversations of people on the bus, in the lunch break ends his poem, eating lunch prepared FOR IN wife. Paterson returns home the same way, the entrance to the apartment checks that the postman did not leave any mail and straightens mailbox that notorious day in and day tilts. A brief conversation with his wife, a glance at her new artistic impression, which once they are painted curtains, and another time vegetarian dinner own recipe, so after a while to sink in the evening Chandra putting mischievous Marvin - English bulldog, which attaches to the pipe itself before the bar which is waiting for him a cold beer.


And so the routine of everyday life crept in unusually ordinary man. Paterson is the type of man who would like to have as a neighbor - helpful, kind, and at the same introverted, his own person no one leads. In his life missing the fireworks, but does not complain about his fate, is not worried about the money, but as a bus driver can not make coconuts. Just him a small house with a garage, a loving wife, stable performance and poetry. Well it as it is, suppressing your inner ambitions, if they have long not divested. Despite such a seemingly boring life, Paterson can find beauty in it, and his observations in a small scrapbook stores, making them poetry. Poems do not resemble those known from schools or by Tuwima Szymborska.


Paterson does not have to rhyme drygu white and writes poems that are his artistic self-expression. Once writes about a box of matches, other times about the people on the street see from the window of his bus. Though notoriously Laura persuades him to make public his works, the man remains unmoved to the requests of his wife and their works are treated very intimate, not wanting to share them with anyone. Adam Driver Mary Cybulski protagonist must confront every day with his own wife, who is a true Renaissance woman. Who indulge in black-and-white colors express themselves by painting the black door frames in the kitchen, paint a portrait of a dog, sewing dresses and cook muffins (mandatory in black and white colors). Home space is wholly owned by Laura and her expressive works, where Patersonowi remains a small storeroom in the garage, in which not only stores your collection of poetry, but it is also a moment to complete the line started in the morning. Although he loves his wife and supported her in realizing her dreams, often very expensive as buying a guitar harlequin, living like the Amish alone without the temptations of the contemporary world as the Internet or a smartphone. Jim Jarmusch does not enter into the complex psychology of his character and his relationship with Laura, but leaves the viewer a lot of hidden clues. Some of the twins as they are a bit more intrusive, others barely visible in the background of the presented world. And even if they do not autonomously mean, it's all collected in a sterile and safe expanding world of the main character.


There is a place for both the irony of everyday life (hooking Paterson by Bloodsów who pay his attention to a simple cliché that anything with them does not carry, but the story plays an important role), as well as to go beyond the expectations of the world, and in spite of all this the sheer volume of Jarmuschowi managed to perfectly balance all components of the film, from history, by directing, cinematography, set design after acting, though sometimes the director could put more emphasis on the artistic side of the film. Golshifteh Farahani Mary Cybulski not quite work out dividing the film into seven parts, corresponding to the days of the next week.


Initially, the idea intrigues and forces such narratives lead to weight dynamism was situated on repetitive routine every day hero. But after two days of boredom sneaks, if developers run out of ideas on how interesting way to bite yet subdued and non-spontaneous life hero. Fortunately it does not last long, because the fifth day of the director once again surprises us with interesting solutions. In the "Patersonie 'no lack of emotion, but these, like the main character is hidden, planted in the background, lived internally, and at the same film forces the viewer to reflect and rethink not only their own lives but also the environment in which they rotate. In the" Patersonie "there was also a place for a bit of comedy. Marvin comic relief is the best I've seen n

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