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Cheap marriage-the way

Cheap marriage-the way

All women are looking forward to their wedding day. Most of us dream of a detailed wedding with beautiful things, but for some people today, these types of weddings are simply not practical. A cheap marriage is possible if you avoid spending unnecessary money. There are several things you can do to avoid unnecessary costs.
Bridal shop:

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Do not order sizes that are known to be too large. Try on the wedding dress and you will know which size to wear. They often say that you take this into account and pay a replacement fee to get your tailor dressed. Cheap weddings are cheap if you do make sure they order the right dress.
Be aware of all prices in advance, regardless of which service provider you are dealing with. Whether you are catering or a band, you want to make sure they don't pay unnecessary fees. Get written consent and demand hidden costs.
Don't say marriage:
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Here are the secrets that get a good price over the phone and get an offer from the seller: Don't say it's a wedding. Sounds ridiculous, but you can only save money by telling them that you have an event.
The word "marriage" replaces the eyes of the seller with a dollar sign. Suddenly, prices rise, three to four times that of events with many guests, such as weddings.
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Once you receive the offer, you can change the price to reduce costs. A cheap marriage is due to the following proposal. But can it really be done?


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