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falling star

falling star



Full of life and breastfeeding with no brakes can not last long. Life is full of free sex and drugs even more, but he is just such stories fascinate us most. Early death paradoxically guarantees in the world of show business immortality, what we see on the example of Janis Joplin, Marilyn Monroe, Jim Morrison and many others. Such people also include Edith Minturn Sedgwick, Andy Warhol's muse, died in 1971 at age 28. Slim, petite, with inimitable style and radiant beauty wore luggage with a painful experience that fascinated the artist. About her life and fall to the bottom of events after years of trying to tell George Hickenlooper in the movie "Factory Girl."


 Edie Sedgwick (Sienna Miller) in 1965, abandons his studies at Harvard and goes to New York, the mecca of contemporary avant-garde artists. Born and raised on a ranch among the endless steppes in Santa Barbara, in a dense city feels uncomfortable at first. Soon, however, goes to the opening work of the father of pop art, then still a little-known and underestimated, Warhol (Guy Pearce). Dancing with a cigarette and a drink in his hand, and all eyes involuntarily collected guided her.


Yes to the attention of Andy, who decides to make her his muse and star of great stature - he takes her to the factory, workshop gathering eccentric artists, art.


Make movies together and actually - charmed artist Edie becomes a star. But not for long. Friendship with Warhol only one side benefits and certainly was not on this side of Edie. Beset with depression, memories of the brother - suicide and her father seems molester remains of the family fortune and sinks deeper into drug addiction. All this in front of fascinated Warhol and merciless. "Factory Girl" is a story about the "poor rich girl." Edie year before his death, went to the psychiatric facility, where she tried to break free from addiction. It is here that we find it - in the treatment tells us his story.


We know its continuation and completion, and yet it is watching the takeover and remains under her spell, because really happened. Edie in fact electrified the people around her, was hurt and surrendered to the spirit of the avant-garde of the 60s, which eventually led to her death. Trusting as a child allowed to use Warhol, whose capricious grace left her when she needed it most. These complexities in their relations were very well acted - Miller and Pearce abandon their ways of speaking, moving to become Edie and Andy. Of acting, they stand at the highest level, the viewer has the impression that the document is watching. But not everyone Podolany your tasks - playing Bob Dylan (not mentioned even once by name, because he still denies that ever had an affair with Sedgwick), Hayden Christensen is stiff, exaggerated and unnatural. Placed next to Sienna and Guy looks like it was cut from another movie. With the development of action and development of this form of increasingly irritating, and remains so until the end. Despite this, he does not destroy the image is somewhere in the background charismatic Edie, accompanied by swirling psychedelic music. This is another plus for developers, because it gave a great atmosphere of the past, where it was so easy to fall into a string of self-destruction - the event full of eccentrics, syringes and contingent sex consist only in part on the atmosphere. With archival photographs reproduced original costumes Sedgwick and Warhol, thanks to their films and actors able to perfectly reproduce their way of movement or even a cigarette. In the 60s Edie Sedgwick became recognizable. In fact, people loved her for it, it was him, because none of the films of Warhol did not play anyone but herself.


She dressed in a previously unknown way people (today launched the style known as unisex). "Factory Girl" is a good biopic with outstanding creations - fascinated, fascinated as the real Edie. You could say that was famous because she was a celebrity, like Paris Hilton in our time. However, while we want to Hilton and other stars of her ilk did not try to shine nothing else is looking at Edie overwhelmed with grief that she could not show what it can do. .

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