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Computer Forensics Tools Maker Hacked

Computer Forensics Tools Maker Hacked

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Guidance Software had to do a forensic investigation on its own systems after a hacker broke in and accessed records, cvv online store including credit card data, cvv online store of thousands of customers.

The attack occurred in November, but wasn't discovered until Dec. 7, John Colbert, chief executive officer of Guidance, said in an interview Monday. The attack exposed data on thousands of the company's customers, including 3,800 whose names, addresses and credit card details were exposed, he said.

"A person compromised one of our servers," Colbert said. "This incident...highlights that intrusions can happen to anybody and nobody should be complacent about their security."

Guidance, one of the leading sellers of software used to investigate computer crimes, sent out letters last week to inform its customers about the breach. Some customers have already reported fraudulent credit card charges. "There have been a handful of cases, but we're only two weeks into this, so I don't know the total size," Colbert said.

New York City-based Kessler International received notice from Guidance on Monday, three days after it got an American Express bill for about $20,000, mostly in unauthorized charges for advertising at Google, said Michael Kessler, cvv online store president of THE BIGGEST DUMPS AND CVV SHOP computer-forensics investigative firm.

"We got hit pretty badly," Kessler said. "Our credit card cvv card fraud goes back to Nov. 25. If Guidance knew about it on Dec. 7, they should have immediately sent out e-mails.

Why send out letters through U.S. mail while we could have blocked our credit cards?"

Regular mail was the quickest way to contact customers, according to Colbert. "We don't have e-mail addresses for everybody, and we found that their physical addresses are more permanent than their e-mail addresses," he said.

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