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Man With a Van

Man With a Van

One of the funniest films of all-time, Man With a Van is a hilarious sequel to the financially disastrous Argyll and Costello Christmas classic, It's a Wonderful Life. Man with Van that defined the latter movie, Russell Brand plays the self-described Van Man, a man who travels back to the present day New York City, where the man falls in love with a young lady working in a theatre. However, instead of helping her, he instead decides to leave her in order to save his struggling enterprise... But are they able to save their marriages and if they do, will Van Man destroy his family and his livelihood along the way?

If your mind is flooded with images of Michael Caine, you probably imagine Caine in some of the most recognizable sequences in A Few Good Men, where he portrays the role of a criminal who is about to be executed by authorities. For Man With a Van, however, Caine plays Robert "Bob" Wurzelbacher, an honest former driver of a moving truck who knows what it's like to manage people's possessions and of course, the Van Man himself. As the movie progresses, we get to know more about the eccentric man, who has quite a good time doing it. He also gets out with his cousin, after being told authorities are looking to inspect his trucks. But when two people that are crossing the border choose to stop at his house, things go from bad to worse.

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