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Death - Obituary, daily devotional

Death - Obituary, daily devotional

ToddandElizabeth Nelson Miniscule difference... but still, last I checked this morning we were still about 5000 behind them. Not to mention, we have about 268 million more people than they do, so our death rate is much lower as a nation. Additionally, I come from a death care industry family and the #'s are being skewed. Fox news, all news, if you're going to tell a story.. please, by all means, tell the whole story. Stop the spin.


Kim Goble Fox, why are we painting such a grim picture, day after day. Yes, it is horrible, but the death rate isn't what they projected. Why don't we provide some good news, and not follow in the same direction as other media:/


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Bishop Gerald Glenn Death-Dead: Bishop G.O. Glenn Obituary, Virginia Pastor Who Defiantly Held Church Service dies of Coronavirus

Bishop Gerald Glenn Death-Dead: Bishop G.O. Glenn Obituary, Virginia Pastor Who Defiantly Held Church Service dies of Coronavirus

Lettuce Dog and GayVapeShark AKA Addy Borneman Death – Dead : Addy Borneman Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown. 

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Joel Osteen Daily Devotional, Joel Osteen Quotes, Word for Today 2020.


Henry Cooper In 2018 there were 67,712 deaths on average every day across the globe attributed to Coronary artery disease, Stroke, Lower respiratory disease, COPD and cancer combined. The largest number of deaths by far were from coronary artery disease.
These COVID-19 numbers, even being inflated by applying COVID-19 as the cause for some of these normally caused deaths, are NOT extraordinary! We are being sold a bill of goods for a global political takeover and consolidation of wold e governments.


Death - Obituary, daily devotional am disappointed that you have made this a headline. You aren't comparing apples to apples. The US has 5.4x the population of Italy. When I do the math, 19,602/328,000,000 = .006% of the U.S. population vs. 19,468/60,481,000 = .032% of the population of Italy has died. Consider adding the disclaimer based on population. Stop the fear factor.


Angie Fischer I'm so sorry for those who passed. But even if that 2000 figure is correct, that percentage of our populations is .0006. But when we have doctors speaking out that deaths are being identified as coronavirus when they are not, this is just more fear mongering! Come on Fox News! You are better than that!
Michael Stanley I heard regardless if someone dies of covid 19 or not they classify it as a covid19 death. So if someone dies from the common flu, dr’s are classifying it as a death related to covid 19 even if they don’t have it. This is happening. Just saying


John Jon Westgate Omg the entire US has passed a country the size of Massachusetts shocker.. just shows even fox is spreading propaganda for ratings


Sarah Jane Reid Okay Fox News, the country of Italy is about the size of the state of Missouri, so this is not an apples to apples comparison. This is just one more example of enflaming an already bad situation, STOP IT!


Death - Obituary, daily devotional . Just take NY( city) and New Jersey's total numbers of cases and deaths out of the U.S total. Quite shocking. Seems that are whole country is being held hostage because of two Cities being way under prepared. Especially NY city. They should of had a plan to counter any kind of threat.


Benny Torrez Yes but Italy has 116000 square miles of land. That's 116000 Thousand square miles . And America has 9600000 square miles of land. That's 9 million 6 hundred thousand... So let's not spread the fear Italy is a half the size of California so let's put t…See More


Hugh Mura Seriously misleading...we're next to last in per capita deaths, a more accurate stat. Secondly, if a person with terminal cancer contracted coronavirus, and passed away, what is the cause of death? Is the same stat used if the person contracted the flu?


Death - Obituary, daily devotional How about reporting the statistics as a % of the population ... Italy has 1/5th the size of the US’s population, so we are doing much better on a per capita basis.


Marc Matthews But the numbers mean nothing any longer because now they are adding any death of any person who tests positive as a corona death even if they didn't die from corona.
I've also heard that some areas are reporting as a corona death with no test, just having symptoms is enough.
Need to keep the fear mongering going...


Steve Coan I'm really getting to the point where I want to stop following Fox News. These misleading articles are getting ridiculous. I have already stopped following Fox Business News because their articles were getting absurd.


Carlos Zapata United States is #39 in testing per 1 million population. And among Death - Obituary, daily devotional , you are # 1 in deaths. Looking like a third world country there.


Sondra A Bristow Hensley Italy has 60,000,000 people. The US has 327,000,000 people. It would be helpful if the media would put things into perspective and be truthful with all facts and numbers. It has come out quite a few times that the numbers here are being inflated. Deaths are being labeled as cv19 deaths when they aren't.


Robert Bangert For those who are mathematically challenged, and don't understand statistical analysis, the United States has 330 million people versus 60 million in Italy. I understand the media loves to incite fear and panic in the hopes to play the "blame game", but sadly, you've got to look at data and statistics analytically.


Melissa Schlei This is a disgusting story. Fox news you can be better. These numbers are skewed. People dying from heart attacks are being classified as a covid death.


Zack Cooley NYC alone has about 1/5 of the population of Italy. Of course we are going have more. We have motor motor vehicle deaths in any given year as well. No one writes about that.
Also, not all of our covid deaths are actually covid deaths.


Kim Winland Bartrug Seriously Fox...we are smart enough to google! Death - Obituary, daily devotional are looking more and more like MSM everyday.
Thus the US is about 32.5 times the size of Italy. By population, Italy is the 23rd largest country in the world with 61,680,122 people living within its borders. If Italy were a US state, it would lie between New Mexico and Arizona to be the 5th largest state by area.


Domingo Verdin Show us the breakdown of what they really died of first. Heart attack, stroke, GSW, complication of renal failure, etc. Enough of this "he died of gangrene, must have been CV19 that got him".


Jeannie Beauregard Mitchell I've heard that deaths from other causes are being listed as "coronavirus"--to keep fear levels up. Death - Obituary, daily devotional of the state governors said that a young child died from the virus. Death - Obituary, daily devotional said that an accident in the home is what killed their child. Death - Obituary, daily devotional . Be aware that the truth is being skewered, once again. Be safe, but be skeptical of the gov't "statistivs"


Joyce Meyer-Ricci Fox news you need to be better! Report facts. We all know that not all deaths reported are from the virus, but are being labeled as such. Stop the fear mongering!


Peggy Gearheart McQuitty Quit trying to keep everyone afraid! This is so overblown it’s ridiculous. 98.6% of the people with corona virus survive; 89-90% of the people that have passed have underlying conditions, not to mention, if you have a heart attack but had the sniffles, you’re added to the corona virus stats. Enough is enough!


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