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Not known Details About Grayboe Tikka T3 CTR DBM

Not known Details About Grayboe Tikka T3 CTR DBM

Some Known Factual Statements About Tikka T3 Stock!!! - The Optics Talk Forums

On fitting the stock, the barrel was sitting to the right of the barrel channel, though still complimentary floated. Loosening and tightening up the bolts revealed some movement of the action/barrel, recommending the action was under some tension. In fact, the initial bottom-metal (plastic) warps quickly when the bolts are tightened up, adequate to cause feeding problems and difficulty with mag release/engagement.

The stock requires some inletting for the bottom metal to fit- definitely not a drop-in option! Before bedding the action or fitting the bottom metal, I desired to explore where the recoil lug was getting in touch with the action. A covering of soot revealed the contact was at the upper rear surface- not perfect (remember, the lug is in the stock, not connected to the action!) While expanding the holes for the pillars I offset them a little, so that the action could sit a little additional rearwards in the re-inletted stock.

Not known Details About Thoughts on Tikka T3 Lite - Utah Wildlife Forum

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