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Flexfit Yupoong Custom Hats

Flexfit Yupoong Custom Hats

About Flexfit
Through tough work, exceptional talent, and unparalleled requirements, Flexfit has actually established into a leader in headwear. The patented Flexfit brand is acknowledged around the world for top quality. Every year Flexfit presents groundbreaking designs and developments that set new requirements for the competitors to attempt and follow.
Flexfit Products
Today, we provide products that reflect our innovative spirit and unbending dedication to quality: 110 ® Adjustables, 210 FITTED ®, THE CLASSICS YUPOONG ®, and of course, the initial FLEXFIT ®.
Leveraging 40 years of producing know-how, Yupoong's assembly line are streamlined to reduce defects and to guarantee quality standards. And last but not least, we can not forget the individuals that stitch, cut, mold and really make Flexfit caps. We go above and beyond the labor laws and take care of the well-being of every staff member.
Our People
Corporate Culture With a DNA.
We merely can not put out the best items without the loyalty, diligence and skill of our workers. At Flexfit, our item is a testament to the skill and happiness of our staff members.
Pleased employees result in the best items and superior service. The DNA of our business culture is rooted in variety. Our team believe that a culturally varied office with numerous backgrounds and age serves to stimulate imagination, conversation, and consistent development.
Ecologically Sound Business Practices.
No matter just how much we enjoy exactly what we do, in the grand plan of things, we're just making hats here. We understand there are more vital things in life, such as having a positive effect on our world. That particularly holds true in concerns to our environment. Taking routes to extend profits is simply bad business. All of our raw materials and processes are thoroughly picked and kept an eye on to ensure they are not hurting our world.
We look to difficult European requirements as our standard, in addition to companies whose ecological policies we admire. So you can rest guaranteed that our hats stand for both quality and environmentally sound company practices.
Through difficult work, remarkable talent, and unrivaled standards, Flexfit has established into a leader in headwear. The trademarked Flexfit brand name is recognized around the world for top quality. Every year Flexfit introduces groundbreaking designs and developments that set new standards for the competitors to try and follow. The Flexfit brand name has actually ended up being associated with, both, groundbreaking headwear innovation and international humanitarian work. And last but not least, we can not forget the people that sew, cut, mold and in fact make Flexfit caps.
Flexfit / Yupoong Headwear Products
Flexfit offers The One & Only Original® Flexfit Cap, The One & Only Original® Flexfit Cap Premium Adjustable + Flexfit Technology, Premium On-Field Fitted + Flexfit Technology and Yupoong Classic Adjustable Caps + 40 Years of Expertise
Your custom-made, private label headwear by Flexfit/ Yupoong
It's where our client's creativity fulfills our needle and thread. Yupoong takes pride in manufacturing customized headwear with the highest quality decorations. From trademarks and logos to original designs and identities, we'll nail your customized hats with the utmost care.
We have two specialized programs to make sure all your needs are met:
Yupoong has actually been the leading headwear manufacturer worldwide for the previous 40 years. We are really confident to state that we are able to supply the very best product with the most attentive service in the industry. We have acquired our track record as a leading maker of headwear through our inventive and innovative technique to technology, service and product.
Our custom abroad program has a collection of all sorts of cap designs, shapes and embellishment methods. The personal label possibilities are endless with a myriad of designs including custom Flexfits, fitteds, adjustables, snapbacks, daddy hats, 5 panel hats, camp caps, pail hats and a lot more.
Our internal design department will provide & aid concept designs for those buyers who need additional help in developing headwears.
Real Time Communication
Our professional personnel in New York and California workplaces offer live customer support.
LDP (Landed Duty Paid) Program
We provide U.S. custom clearances, global freight arrangement services and hassle-free terms through CIT.
Minimum Order Requirement (MOQ):.
720 PC (60 DZ)/ Style.
Lead Time:.
Proto sample: 2-3 weeks.
Salesman sample: 2-4 weeks.
Bulk production: 8-12 weeks including abroad transit time from our oversea factories to among our United States warehouses in NY or CA.
Rate will be quoted based on supplied design.
Design/ Artwork needs to be provided in either Illustrator or PDF format.
Reputable Quick-turn Customization.
Even with considerably shorter preparations and smaller sized minimums, we will still nail your precise requirements. Here's how it works. Simply select from styles in our Flexfit/ Yupoong blank collection and submit and send us the order type and we'll produce a sample within days.
Minimums and Lead Times.
New Orders- 144 pcs (2 styles, 2 colors, 2 sizes).
Re-Orders- 48 pcs (1 color, size or style).
Proto Samples- 5-10 working days.
Bulk Production- 14-18 working days upon sample approval.
Set Up Fees.
Digitizing or screen print set up costs per logo.
First samples expense- $20.00 each.
Added samples- $ 20.00 each.
Request a Quote.
Select from lots of designs in our brochure.
Fill out our order kind and send us your logo/graphic in a camera-ready format (JPEG, PDF, AI) or DST File.
Quotes are just provided to existing customers. If you are not signed up, please fill out our new consumer application for a quote,.
Guarantee, Returns & Cancellations.
Flexfit LLC backs all product we offer.
All insurance claims for lacks, damages or incorrect merchandise must be made to Customer Service within 5 days from receipt of products.
Please allow approximately 3% on damages and shortages.
Demand for modifications are required to be in writing.
While every effort to honor modification demands will be made, orders in production can not be altered or cancelled.
Flexfit Yupoong Delta.
We are proud to present Flexfit Delta, the next generation of headwear that comes from numerous years of Yupoong development. With Flexfit Delta, we wished to make a cap that was lighter, sleeker, smarter and more comfortable than any other cap on the marketplace. It is crafted with thermal regulating smooth technology, a cloud cushioned sweatband, stain block tech and a featherweight visor fabrication.
Flexfit Caps and Hats Technology.
Flexfit caps feature patented technology that weaves polyurethane spandex into the sweatband and throughout the entire crown, providing a superbly comfy fit. Put simply, it is the One & Only Original.
Yupoong takes pride in making customized headwear with the greatest quality embellishments. Yupoong has been the leading headwear producer worldwide for the previous 40 years. Merely select from designs in our Flexfit/ Yupoong blank collection and fill out and send us the order type and we'll produce a sample within days.
We are pleased to introduce Flexfit Delta, the next generation of headwear that stems from countless years of Yupoong innovation. With Flexfit Delta, we wanted to make a cap that was lighter, sleeker, smarter and more comfy than any other cap on the market.
Flexfit Yupoong is now available in Asia Pacific in Singapore (Flexfit Yupoong Singapore), Malaysia (Flexfit Yupoong Malaysia http://www.flexfit-malaysia.com/ ), Thailand (Flexfit Yupoong Thailand http://www.flexfit-thailand.com/), Cambodia (Flexfit Yupoong Cambodia http://www.flexfit-cambodia.com/), Hongkong (Flexfit Yupoong Philippines http://www.flexfit-philippines.com/),Brunei (Flexfit Yupoong Brunei http://www.flexfit-brunei.com/), Hong Kong (Flexfit Yupoong http://www.flexfit-hongkong.com/).
Contact us if you are interested in distributing or wholesaling Flexfit Yupoong products in Asia Pacific.

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