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Grandma Amazing at 70 part 2

Grandma Amazing at 70 part 2


We worked out her 'exercise' schedule every night after dinner. After starting a romantic movie, I firmly massaged her right side from head to toe to get her circulation going. When the movie got us into the mood, we kissed passionately while the massage continued. I then sat behind her as my hands moved to her left arm and back from her shoulders down to her big round firm buns. She liked my kisses behind her ears and I loved her aroma. Eventually I unhooked her bra and massaged her right breast and nipple. She turned her head around and we resumed our passionately kissing as long as she wanted.

She would signal me when ready. I suspected sometimes she felt my rock poking at the crack between her bun, urging her. She would take my throbbing manhood in her mouth after I moved to stand in front of her. Now I perfected my skills on her left breast and nipple without ignoring her right side. After her first orgasm she usually preferred to see my cum sprayed on her breasts. I often stay hard and pressed her melons together, sliding my rod between them, using my cum as lubricant. Each time my big purple glans emerged, she skillfully licked or flicked with her tongue, sending shock waves up and down my spine. Then she would slowly lift one of her huge tits and licked her big hard nipple clean and then the other,

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