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A Welcome Surprise

A Welcome Surprise

My sister Jane took me out to a club to help drown my sorrows. It was a bit of a dive, pretty dirty, very dark, and the clientele was definitely what I would call questionable. Janey did what she always did, and ended up leaving me on my own by the bar around 11:30. She was a terrible wing man, mostly because she was gorgeous and she couldn’t go out for a night without being absolutely bombarded by men asking to dance, or buying her drinks, or just generally pestering her. Eventually though she always gives in and takes off with one she deems worthy enough, leaving me to drink on my own in a joint I didn’t want to be in in the first place. But that was Janey, and I knew it going in, so I couldn’t really be too upset. I just had to make the most of the situation.

By midnight I was already wasted. Probably making a fool of myself by the bar, hitting on women, chatting up the bartender, but I didn’t care, I was out for a good time. Just after finishing a shot of tequila with the bartender, so I could get a look at her DDDs while she knocked it back, a tall blonde came stumbling into me. Whether it was intentional or not I’ll still never know, but she apologized profusely, and introduced herself as “Kris, with a ‘K’”, reaching her hand out for me to shake.

She was beautiful. Long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a smile to die for. As she fumbled over picking up the stool she’d knocked down beside me I got a nice long look at her slender body from head

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