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fun and games

fun and games

fun and games
by Trell

True Story, Anal, Drug, Threesome, Water Sports/Pissing

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Posted Wed 14th of June 2006

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I was at home chilling when this girl Tina I'm kicking it with came over with her friend Shell . We rolled two blunts and was watching tv when tina started looking in my livingroom table drawer and found my sex dice she looked at me and said when you get them I told her last week. And she looked at her friend and smiled and said let's play she looked and acted shy for a while and said ok. https://www.openlearning.com/u/birdfox-r3tt4i/blog/Research I ask was they for real they said yes I was like bet but first drink alot of water all that ya'll can drink . we smoke both blunts when they said the water was started to get to them so we started playing with the dice they had different things on them like ways to fuck and things to do to each other so tina rolled first and she had to kiss someone so she kissed shell.They was kissing very wild sucking each other tongues biting on lips and fighting with they're tongues they stopped and shell rolled it had give oral so sh

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