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Porn daughter

Porn daughter

Kyle Bayne sat in the rear of the darkened club and watched his daughter perform on stage. She was naked, sandwiched between a man and a woman. The man rubbed his cock on her rump as the woman sucked her breasts.
Kyle's prick stiffened as he watched his daughter. She was in her early twenties, quite pretty, with curled blond hair and brown eyes. She was big-boned and full-bodied; not chubby, just firm with a full body. She had big tits and a big ass.

He stroked his crotch as he watched his daughter being licked. The woman, an attractive redhead, now had her face buried between his daughter's thighs and was licking her pussy. The man had his dick at her mouth and she sucked avidly on it.
Kyle's cock was now stiff and throbbing and he openly rubbed it. Most of the other people sitting in the club did the same. The threesome on stage were putting on a hot show and all the spectators were affected by it; Kyle most of all.
It had been two years since he had seen his daughter. He had served a stretch in jail for certain "underworld" offences. His daughter Jenna had periodically written to him when he was in jail. In the last letter he had received from her, she had informed him of her move to Los Angeles, and the letter bore a return address that Kyle guessed was a film or media location.
Upon his release from jail, he headed for Los Angeles.
The address indee

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