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"You don't mind working out at my place tonight, do you," asked Fran? "No, that's no problem," Dani replied, "as long as I get my reps in, I really don't care where I do it!" "Good," Fran said, "then let's get to it!" Both women were serious weight lifters who spent much more time and energy working out than the average ever "jane" would, and it wouldn't be unusual for either of them to spend four hours a night lifting and pulling the iron plates that gave them the heavily muscled appearance they so loved! Fran had invested big money into a home gym, and this was the first time her friend Dani had seen it. "Wow," Dani marveled, "this is great, you don't even hafta leave home to get in your reps!!!" "I know," Fran said beaming, while running her hand over the huge apparatus, "it cost me four grand, but it's worth it, no more schlepping back and forth to the gym!!!" "You first," Fran offered, "benches?!?" "Yeah, benches, set it at one seventy to start," Dani replied! While Fran was adjusting the machine to one hundred and seventy pounds, Dani lay down on her back and got ready to do a set of bench presses. When she was finished, they traded places and Fran took her turn while Dani spotted for her. After that, they went through a long series of lifts, alternating back and forth between lifting and spotting. After a particularly rough set of squats, both women decided to take a breather and have a drink of PowerAde. "Wow it's hot in here," Dani commented, as she took a long gulp

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