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A Fathers Love - Chapter 01 - Intro

A Fathers Love - Chapter 01 - Intro

It was late in the afternoon when Amanda pulled into the drive, from picking our two girls up from school. She was usually prompt, and this tardiness led to my curiosity. I looked at my watch as the three piled in the front door, trying to hush their giggles.

“Little late this evening, aren’t we ladies?” I asked trying not to smile.

“Sorry babe, me and the girls had to have a little woman talk, that’s all.”

As the words left her sweet lips they were immediately placed on mine for a little more than sweet kiss. Playfully I swatted her on the rear and told her I’d let it slide this time, but next time I might not be so lenient.

“Yes sir.” She replied, giving me a devilish grin. She always knew just how to push my buttons.

You see, the irony is that I am older than her, not a lot, but enough. I started seeing Amanda when I was 26; the thing is she was only 15 at the time. The details of how we actually met are for another story, just not this one. Short of it is I’ve always had a thing for younger girls, and she just happened to like older men. We saw each other for a while, without her parents knowing of course, for about a year, and on her 16th birthday, she asked me for a present that I, being so in love with her, couldn’t deny her. So, 9 months later Beth was born. Her parent’s were aware something was up about 3 months in as Amanda started to show, and well, we had to come clean. Seems her

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