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What's Fan Tan?

What's Fan Tan?

Fan Tan is an old card game, where players attempt to be the first to ever discard most of their cards without picking up cards from the discard pile. The original four sevens are usually the only cards which can be discarded at all; after the seven in a lawsuit is accepted, the six & eight can then be played, followed closely by the A (non and K (exceptionally high), and finally, after this, the tenth & final Dig it may be properly used. The player with counters by the conclusion of the game wins.

This very easy match was favored by Chinese emperors and nobility during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The reason that the sevens were selected is because it enabled them to mark off their wealth from adding to or removing from their card holdings. They believed the the card having the most sevens would be their most valuable. Some even went so far as to write their entire fortune on the card.

1 player will drop three cards out of their hands. Then the other player could draw out of the surface of the deck, choosing three cards from the discard pile. The first player will then deal five cards out for their own four players. The other player now needs to arrange the drop pile in the same sequence as the deck, using their Fan Tan choice, so each player has at least three cards to play with. The new pile contains seven cards to another player, five to the next, four to the fourth, three into the fifth, two into the sixth, and also one card i

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