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Tui Na Chinese Herbal Treatment

Tui Na Chinese Herbal Treatment

In Chinese, Tui Na is known as the"Master of Heaven's paintings". Tui Na literally means "heavenly cloud". The character,"Na" stands for"water", so when translated it means"heavenly water". Additionally, this is where the concept of the"Shiva Cloud" stems from.

Tui Na is a branch of Chinese Esoteric Medical theory and as this is frequently applied in conjunction with acupuncture, acupuncture, fire, tai chi, and other eastern kinds of internal medicine, and wu-si, or Chinese bodywork. Because Tui Na is a vital part of the course of Shiatsu, or the Japanese art of healing hands, it has been used to promote healing within the martial arts. In the Oriental tradition, Tui Na is thought to ease the proper flow of Chi or the"energy" in and around the body. Tui Na is believed to improve circulation, stimulate the circulatory system, equilibrium Qi, and prevent stress and injury. Practitioners believe that appropriate Chi flow throughout the body is able to help with the healing of different disorders, such as asthma, headaches, constipation, allergies, allergies, fever, pain, PMS, palpitations, sleep disorders, and some kinds of cancer. Since Tui Na is thought to aid the body's natural healing process, many practitioners believe that its usage promotes self-healing.

When Tui Na is used together with acupressure and other traditional Chinese medicines, it is believed to give additional benefit. By

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