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Are you a beach person? Somebody who feels that the world's stress melts away when you're gazing into emerald waters while standing on sugar sand? Someone who always looks for the resort that's directly on the beach, rather than across the street from the shore? Do you have Google airport alarms set for every tropical shore you adore? If you answered yes to any or all these, your next holiday should probably include an overwater bungalow. That, my friend, is as near as you can get into the water -- along with it. When you're feeling like getting in for a dip, all you need to do is step outside your door. Or rear door leading to the patio. An overwater bungalow gives a whole new meaning to a morning dip. So why should you consider a sandals over water bungalow jamaica with an overwater bungalow and what should you anticipate? We'll dive into the details here of our favorite Sandals over the water bungalow experiences that are sure to become your #1 favorite holiday destination. It is the type of holiday that leaves you wondering how every other holiday could possibly compare to the one (in a good way). Why you Will Need an overwater bungalow Given the tropical paradise of the Jamaica and St. Lucia, we are already swooning over holidays in these places and the resorts only make the deal even sweeter. Honeymoon, anniversary trip, girls week away, or as an engagement trip -- we love those bungalows for so many occasions.

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