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No Deposit Poker Leagues - How to Join One For Free

No Deposit Poker Leagues - How to Join One For Free

The following two weeks (Thurs and Sun) are critical for European Poker Tour events to secure their second location. First, in Kyrenia there will be the prestigious Merit Crystal Cove in Montenegro, where the crow flies, as the crow lands, there will be a no limit hold em championship, also within the Merit Poker Classic, on Wed 8th and Sun 9th. The next place championship is set to be played in Podujnice, on Sat 10th. I believe that if both of these tournaments are successful then the poker tour will have more success in the future with only the high players engaging. This means only two players could take part in the excursions, meaning lesser levels of players.

The first event of this month is the Bestival championship in Podujnic, where the number of players will be capped at thirteen. On Sat 10th the amount of players that register with this no limit hold em poker tournament will be capped at twenty-three. On Thurs the merit party poker tournament is going to take place, where players can find a chance to win free trips for the rest of the season to somewhere like Las Vegas, to play poker or to have fun. This is my personal opinion, but I believe that this is an exceptional idea.

The next merit poker throwback event is scheduled to take place Wed 14th. In case you've ever been to the Bestival tournament in Montenegro before then you know what to expect. If not, it's just like every year. There are four tables, seven players and one host, which loo

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