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PokerStars Beats Kentucky&#039 s $870 Million Lawsuit

PokerStars Beats Kentucky&#039 s $870 Million Lawsuit

��PokerStars Beats Kentucky's $870 Million Lawsuit

The Stars Group has won a major victory in a Kentucky appeals court soon after its 3-judge panel voted to release the gambling company from an $870.seven million judgement leveled towards it by a trial's court three years earlier. The fine had initially been imposed against the PokerStars proprietor for transgressing the state's anti-gambling law among 2006 and 2010. Additionally, the huge sum was the biggest legal judgement ever imposed on a business in the total of Kentucky state history.
The $870.7 Million Law SuitIn 2010, State Cabinet Secretary John Tilley filed a lawsuit towards The Stars Group for a whopping $870.7 million, regardless of PokerStars only

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