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Bigwheel Racing - What Could It Be?

Bigwheel Racing - What Could It Be?

A big wheel is simply a new tricycles, usually made from metal, with a front wheel compared to some other models. Usually introduced by Louis Pasteur and Company in 1969, and produced in Girard, Pennsylvania, the huge wheel became popular in many towns and cities across the USA. The wheels are generally round or domed, and many have small drop outs between wheels. Many models have two drop outs, one in front and one at the backside. The frame is very typical, composed of a metal twist, a chair, and a string.

The foundation of the huge wheel is simple. Louis Pasteur's original model was based on a wheel he saw working in a museum. Afterward, Pasteur began monitoring the way wheels worked and realized that if he placed two wheels they would interact in an unusual way. He began studying and experimentation with unique shapes and materials, finally coming up along with his original notion. Today's wheels are made in the same way as his first models were made.

The original inspiration for that huge wheel was a study of nature. Naturalists were analyzing how many animals moved around on their legs. The normal world provides a wonderful instance of the laws of aerodynamics, as well as how a flow of air and surface stuff affects the way things proceed. These studies led to Pasteur's idea that the way animals move ahead two legs can possibly be applied into two wheels, using the analogy of these limbs of a monster. The way the limbs of a creature are attached

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