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The Usage of Swedish Massage To Relieve Stress

The Usage of Swedish Massage To Relieve Stress

Swedish massage is now the most frequent form of massaging in the usa. It involves the use of hands, elbows or forearms to gently manipulate the more superficial layers of a patient's muscles to enhance physical and psychological health. Active or passive motion of the joints may also be a part of the massage. Swedish massage originates from Finland and it is one of the various kinds of Swedish massage that make their way into the United States.

Swedish massage therapy is also known as Therapeutic Massage or Stott-Pellow Massage. It uses gentle and precise movements to release tension and stimulate the lymph system and muscles. When practiced regularly, it can help to reduce the symptoms of: pain, inflammation, swelling, stiffness and soreness. It has been found to be quite effective for athletes and people with limited mobility as well.

Before the beginning of Swedish massage, the therapist would pre-heat the affected muscles or regions by using a massage oil like oil of Rosemary. The warm temperature helps to relax and loosen up the tight muscles of the body. Sometimes the therapist would even apply heat directly to the area to help with circulation of blood and easing of soreness. This can be quite helpful in sports that require moving the legs and arms. Some of these are football, tennis, and soccer.

Many folks who suffer with chronic

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