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Get a Local Builder to create Your House Greener

Get a Local Builder to create Your House Greener

I think I am safe in saying that people are all now alert to the need to be more environmentally aware. The world's population has increased hugely in recent years. We are now met with statistics such as the fact that of the estimated 110 billion humans who've ever lived around 6% of them are alive today.

In 1900 the world's population was around 1.6 billion, while today it is not remote the 7 billion mark, putting an enormous demand on the planet's natural resources and causing more pollution then ever before. Of course, figures like this can make several tweaks to our home and some changes to your habits seem entirely insignificant. However, change has to start somewhere and below you will discover a few ideas to make your home that little bit greener.

1) Solar panels. This is a wonderful solution to get cheap, reliable and environmentally friendly energy for your house. It might seem that the UK's climate hinders the efficiency of solar panels but modern designs work perfectly well even on grey, cloudy days. The existing range of solar power panels offer all sort of shapes and sizes and some even let you sell the surplus energy produced to the National Grid.

2) A greenhouse. It is a cheap and environmentally friendly way to grow your personal vegetables. A greenhouse needn't be expensive to build. If you have children what better, and more fun, way to suggest to them the importance of eating healthy, locally produced vegetables. If you d

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