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5_sands casino.1617769117

5_sands casino.1617769117

The Sands Casino and Hotel were an amazing historic landmark in Las Vegas, Nevada, the first major American hotel and gambling complex on the Las Vegas Strip. Designed by the celebrated architect Wayne McAllister, the Sands quickly became the seventh casino to open along the famous Strip. In its first year of operation, the Sands was so successful that it was outbid for a second year contract by a competitor, but still held out for two more years, even negotiating better deals. Eventually, however, the rival casinos decided to move in, taking the Sands into their fold.

When the Sands finally closed in 1996, there were few empty casino floor seats left on the Las Vegas strip. Of course, this didn't help the owners' bottom line much. The Strip is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the U.S., and Las Vegas visitors add huge sums to the city's coffers. https://shootercasino.com/sm-casino/ offers some of the best entertainment in the world, and many casinos offer live entertainment. There are always great places to eat at the Sands, as well, including the original buffet restaurant, The Barnacle Historic Building, and the Fountains at the Venetian Resort Hotel.

Although the Sands closed for two years, it was able to attract some legendary entertainers who are still popular today. Two of the longest running acts in Las Vegas, Elvis Presley and Rod Stewart, kept their residencies at the Sands, an

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