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Two Player Card Games

Two Player Card Games

One of the most popular card games for couples is Double Solitaire. Being a simple variant of classic Solitaire, it is also among the neatest card games for couples. The object is laying down all your individual cards, then arranging the deck in such a manner that after rearranging the cards, you effectively have laid down all the probable combinations. One of the four suits - clubs, diamonds, hearts or spades - can be used to make a layout. You simply follow the basic rules of standard solitaire, but you must be certain that you are working with a complete deck of cards.

This is also the easiest card game for 2 players. After laying out the entire deck, the two players take turns choosing cards from it. The goal is for your spouse to find a card you have already discarded and that he or she can fit to the remaining cards you have in the deck. If your spouse finds such a card, then you win the match. If not, then both of you shed.

In a version of this popular card game for couples, called 21, every player receives five cards face down from the merchant, and a single card face up. After laying out the whole deck, each player receives two cards face up from the dealer and one card face down from the next participant. This is a simpler variation for the player who's busy focusing on the other half of this table. It offers another player more time to decide if they want to lay down their own cards prior to discarding any of theirs.

21 card game

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