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The Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tui Na, literally meaning to touch and hold, is an ancient form of Chinese massage which employs rhythmic, directional pressure techniques across the significant muscle groups to facilitate muscle equilibrium and lubrication, as well as to relieve strain and stiffness in the muscles. The palms are held or pushed in the front of the individual while calming the a variety of pressure points on the surface of the human body working with the elbows, forearms, and fingers. The motions can be deep and slow or quick and jerky. The intent behind this type of massage is to not only to relax the muscles but also to stimulate them to grow the flow of blood and lymph throughout the many channels. Tui Na is often utilized to treat a vast range of medical ailments, including sports injuries, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, migraines, menstrual pains and disorders, to mention only a few.

Among the most significant ramifications of Tui Na is to the nervous system. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the nervous system controls the function of all of the organs of the human body and the feelings it affects. Therefore, any disruption to this system may have a wide array of effects on the health and energy levels of a person. During the application of pressure over the various meridian channels, the tai-chi is supposed to increase the amount of nut

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