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Know Your Dairy Cow Before Buying

Know Your Dairy Cow Before Buying

Pai cow is one of the best dairy breeds in the world. The Asianape breed is a cross between an Ibizan and a Brazilian. This cross gave rise to a lot of unique attributes, such as sensitivity, high tolerance for exercise, lower shedding and increased milk production. The cross also produced offspring that are great for meat. The title Pai means"pink cow," so the cows come in a variety of shades of pink from creamy white to light tan to beige. They create low fat milk but can still manage to create decent quality baby calves.

The Pai breed was bred in China in the 1990s when Chinese farmers began experimenting with different cross breeds to improve their farming productivity. This resulted in the creation of cows with better production, lessage and other desired characteristics. These cows were then crossed with the Brazilian bovine strain to make the contemporary Pai cow. Less attention is given to the diet of these cross breed cows, since they're more tolerant towards organic products.

Some of the most popular breeds include the Classic, Silver, Pearl and Mini. The Classic is the oldest of those breeds and considered one of the best throughout the world. The breed is known for its temperament and intelligence, while also being affectionate, calm and quite intelligent. Their milk quality is rather large. One interesting fact is that the Classic is the only breed in the world to show positive attitudes towards organic products. This could indicate t

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