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Google's Advertisement Practices Targeted By EU Antimonopoly Probe

Google's Advertisement Practices Targeted By EU Antimonopoly Probe

By Foo Yun Chee

BRUSSELS, January 20 (Reuters) - EU antimonopoly regulators have got sought-after info from advertisers regarding Google's advertising applied science practices, a European Delegation written document seen by Reuters shows.

Alphabet-owned Google, the world's largest online explore engine, has been smasher with fines totalling 8.25 one million million euros ($10 billion) in the utmost tierce age for blocking rivals in online shopping, Humanoid smartphones and online advertizing.

It in real time faces deuce European Uniting investigations into its publicizing practices, centred on engineering and information.

Google and Facebook in collaboration gaining control concluded one-half of the net ad gross sales market globally.

Both companies are currently the mark of a U.S. cause ended their 2018 heap which gives Facebook's adman clients the option to home ads within Google's electronic network of publishing partners

Google said it was cooperating with the Commission, whose 13-Page questionnaire sent to advertisers this month asked more or less the affect of exploitation the default on scene 'Include Google Display Network' introduced in 2018 for search campaigns on Google Ads.

"We compete with many others in the industry and give people granular controls over how their information is used to personalize ads and limit the sharing of personal data to safeguard people's privacy," a Google spokeswoman aforesaid.

The Delegation said the questionnaires are take off of its probe into Google's information employment.

"This investigation covers all services of Google, including digital advertising and the ad tech chain," the EU contention hatchet man said on Midweek.

The EU besides wants to cognize if advertisers get rebates when they apply Google intermediaries which give up advertisers or media agencies to buy advert stock-taking from many sources.

The questionnaire too asks whether the power to approach Google's YouTube is level to the option of an intermediator.

It asked if Google's integrating in 2018 of its online ad saving building block DoubleClick wedged advertisers as comfortably as any close at hand wallop from its architectural plan to phase forbidden third-company cookies on the Chromium-plate web browser by the finish of 2022.

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Advertisers accept until Friday to reply to the questionnaire, which was low reported on by Politico.

($1 = 0. If you adored this article and you would like to be given more info with regards to www.soundclick.com nicely visit our own website. 8259 euros) (Coverage by Foo Yun Chee; Editing by Alexander the Great Smith)


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