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Proofreading:3 tips from a professional copywriter

Tip 1: If the screen is too distracting: Print out the text.

We all know this, but we do it too seldom. Two things happen on the monitor that get in the way of proofreading. First, you have the opportunity to quickly check your e-mails. Or what was on that website you just had open? Concentration loses focus, you may read faster than intended to get back to that website. Secondly: You can't see the error in the text because of all the characters on the monitor. So here's a simple tricks from https://editius.com/paper-editing-services/: print it out, take a red pencil (or a green pencil if you can't handle too much red in your own text ;-)) and then proofread it in peace at a place away from the monitor.

Tip 2: Proofread word by word

Once you have read your text completely to yourself - preferably out loud - then go to round two. Now really use https://editius.com/essay-editing-service/ and read word for word. This increases the chance of identifying spelling errors in words when proofreading. One too many capital letters. At the beginning of a sentence or a noun lowercase. One letter too many. These are all errors that are immediately noticeable when reading word for word. Special tip: If you even read your texts from back to front, word-for-word reading works even better. This way, sentences without https://editius.com/thesis-formatting/ don't make sense, which makes it easier to read words on their own.

Tip 3: Don't proofread ...

At least not immediately after writing. Let your text sit for a while first. When your thoughts have settled, and you are no longer caught up in research and topic, get back into it. Then you'll notice mistakes more quickly and save time proofreading.

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