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The Very Best POOL Filter You Can Find

The Very Best POOL Filter You Can Find

Pool filters come in three different types: sand; cartridge; and Diatomaceous Earth (DE). The very best swimming pool filter undoubtedly is the diatomaceous earth filter. This substance is black powder created from the exoskeletons of animals that had been buried and fossilized over a million years back.

DE filters can easily filter out particles from five to three microns in size. They do not ought to be replaced like cartridges or sand. These filters run at high pressures and you also must make sure your pump can handle the pressure. Like sand filters, DE filters also need to be backwashed when the pressure rises six pounds above the normal operating pressure. Running at such high pressures could cause flow loss and inefficiency.

These filters work by passing clean water through openings that look like little sponges. The particles are trapped because they pass through the filter. These internal elements are coated with the diatomaceous earth, making a filter cake that catches from dust, algae, dirt, and some bacteria.

Once you backwash a DE filter, you have to recoat the filter grids. This is done by feeding it through the simmer and letting it get pumped into the filter tank. Pool owners should clean their filters about twice per year by taking them apart and cleaning the grids.

A few of the filters currently that you can buy feature durable injection moulded tanks. These are made of tough abrasion resistant materials with a

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