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activation powder and ssd solution formula 1

activation powder and ssd solution formula 1

The Way To Make Ssd Resolution Chemical Formulation, Ssd Solution Chemical For Sale, Ssd Answer

As an entire any form of big amount of money obtained in cash unaccounted-for. Holders of black cash attempt to convert it into respectable (‘clear’ or ‘white’) money through cash laundering. We are also engaged on percentage basis and we also provide the most recent 3D laser automated machines to do the big cleaning and delivery of merchandise to buyers locations after a session fee .

if humine activation powder have been in search of a chemical to clean you black dollar of euro or pound, here is SSD resolution with activation powder used to clean all types of black observe. We provide the latest and original PK 58 Super Automatic & Universal SSD Chemical Solution plus Activating Powder excellent in cleansing all kinds of defaced notes, black notes, anti-breeze, stamped, marked or stained forex. SSD CHEMICALS is a water-based Homogeneous resolution chemical particularly used to dissolve and take away coated dye from defaced currencies. These coated currencies could possibly be in black, green, yellow or white colour. They are defaced or stamped to keep away from unnecessary custom clearance issues, legal or gang interception during delivery of the black dollars. SSD answer blends the coated substance and dye safely, so there's no worry of damaging the notes without concern.e

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